To the point

Hedges Creative has been working in design, communications & marketing for over 20 years – locally & globally, with businesses large and small. We’ve done it in-house, with agencies and on a freelance basis. Our common passion is helping people and organisations create messaging and design which helps their success. Our services are scaled to suit, so that we can give you exactly what you need – nothing more, nothing less. Either way we keep it simple...

Think // Be selective

We all like to feel special, so doing the same thing as everyone in the same way just isn’t going to cut it. We’ll help you decide who you should (and shouldn’t) be talking to about your business, including customers, staff, suppliers, opinion formers or the media - and explore the options of how to present it. Whether you whisper or shout, tell a story or simply stick to punchy facts, it all makes a difference to who hears and who listens.

Plan // Know where you're going

To get where you’re going you’ll need a clear plan. Perhaps you’ve got one already and it needs a bit of a re-think, or you’re starting from scratch and need help drawing a map. We’ll work with you on your business strategy to improve your opportunities and build your brand. We’ll help you identify target markets and customers as well as areas for expansion and growth. And we can make sure you know who the competition is and what they’re doing.

Design // Stand out from the crowd

Everyone knows that first impressions count and although we shouldn’t judge a book by its cover, we generally do. Hedges Creative will make sure you always look your best with a creative approach and distinctive design that will work in all sorts of different environments. Be it working with your existing branding, or starting from a blank canvas (which we love!), we ensure you'll look amazing wherever you have a presence.

Do // Get excited!

We won’t tell you we’re excited about your business, we’ll show you with our approach. Hedges Creative can work with you as closely as you’d like – you can be an integral part of the process or you can leave it to us so that you can get on with other things. Whichever you prefer, we’ll always make sure that we’re clear about what you want to achieve - and get your message out there.